Thank you for your interest in my services! I am excited to learn how I can help you to achieve your goals and create optimal health in your everyday life. My services include:

  1. One-on-One Nutritional Consulting program (see below) – this VIP program is a full service, unlimited access program for those who want personal guidance to achieve their goals.
  2. Finding Foodease program for sustained weight loss and energy – this program is online and fully supported by a private Facebook group including weekly live group calls. Registration is closed for the September 2018 session. Click here to sign up for my free 20-minute dinner recipe e-book and weekly e-newsletter so that you will be notified when January 2019 registration is open.
  3. Corporate Wellness 4-week fully supported nutrition and lifestyle program, including in-office live sessions. Also, a lunch and learn speaker series is available. See more information and topics here.
  4. Done For You Meal Plans, recipes, and Shopping Lists (see below for details). This service is currently available for alumni of the Finding Foodease/Corporate Wellness 4-week programs and all Individual/VIP coaching programs.

Please click here to book a free 20-minute call to learn more about how Bonnie can help you. Or, email Bonnie here.

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Nutrition coaching includes a detailed review of your health history and provides diet and lifestyle recommendations and information so that you will understand what factors are affecting your health and health symptoms. Working together on a monthly basis provides a high level of education and accountability to help you improve symptoms and create habits that can be sustained long-term. I am available to you throughout the month for ongoing questions, and we will make continuous updates to your plan according to your progress. Coaching is for a minimum of 3 months and can be extended monthly at your option until goals are achieved. In this format you will:

  • Understand how your diet factors into your health and your health symptoms
  • Learn what vitamins, minerals, and herbs are best suited to your individual needs
  • Get personalized holistic lifestyle recommendations to implement
  • Receive all of the following:
    • An initial 1-hour call reviewing your health history (you will complete an intake form and food journal prior to the call)
    • An analysis of the root causes of your symptoms and a protocol to get you back to wellness
    • 2 – 30 minute follow up coaching calls each month to make adjustments and keep you on track
    • Detailed notes provided from each call with resources and action steps to keep you motivated
    • Food journal reviews and feedback to support your progress
    • Handouts and references to increase your knowledge and provide you with further guidance
    • Unlimited email access in between calls for questions, guidance, and support
    • Discounted rates for advanced testing (food sensitivity testing, hair mineral analysis, hormone testing) to help determine your health status and needs
    • Customized meal plans to suit your needs, goals and tastes and guidance to make meal prep easy

Consultations take place over Skype/FaceTime or in-person so that you are able to achieve optimal wellness at your convenience. Email Bonnie to set up a 20-minute call to discuss your needs here.

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“I was steadily gaining weight post 50, had little energy for exercise and was started on arthritis and GI medications.  Through Bonnie’s support and coaching of healthier eating and wellness, I started losing weight, came off most of my medications and have more energy for working out, and am feeling great!”

– Lina R.


“After our children were born, my husband and I became less active and started to gain weight. When a few aches and pains turned into sciatica for my husband, he became a client of Bonnie’s.

Bonnie performed a very thorough analysis of my husband’s diet, exercise and general lifestyle, including referral to other professionals when needed. She provided us with a customized nutrition program complete with a shopping list and meal plan. We transitioned our eating in stages, first cutting out some unhealthy foods, then progressing to cutting out others. This made the program easy to follow as we hardly noticed we were missing anything!  We also like that it is online and easily accessible when at work, or the grocery store, or anywhere else.

My husband’s sciatica is virtually gone and I haven’t felt better in months!”

– Michelle N., aged 44


To learn more about one-on-one nutrition coaching services, please click here to book a free 20-minute discovery call with Bonnie.




Weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists that are full of delicious and healthy foods! This service will take the stress out of your week and batch cooking will give you hours of usable time back. These plans are created in the same format that you are used to with my individual and group programs and can be purchased in 4-week packages. Contact Bonnie here to inquire and order.