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“I believe when we are empowered to take control of our health, we find the help we need to feel our best.”

I discovered the strong connection that food, lifestyle, and mindset had on my physiological symptoms.

I went from joint pain causing me to limp around while walking the dog, to maintaining my weight and energy and actively participating in all my favourite activities … pain-free.

I have seen clients whose IBS symptoms have come under control, chronic inflammation has gone away and those whose blood pressure has improved to such a degree that they have been taken off their medications. My client’s achievements are my greatest motivator!

  My personal experience


“I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and take on their day with ease.”

As a young adult,  my weight yo-yoed between being over and underweight yet I never made the connection that it wasn’t just about the food.

It feels so much better now that I know what was going on and I love sharing my system to help others experience the same success.



My passion for social change


“I am a deep believer in making a contribution that will inspire self-worth, self-care and the care of the planet we call home.”




Things I love

I love the fun, family adventures I have daily with my husband and 3 children.

My physical exercise includes activities such as fitness, yoga, Pilates and hiking outdoors.

I enjoy traveling and exploring different parts of the world as it brings new energy and ideas into my daily work.

Finally, I have an obsession with continuing education to expand my knowledge for helping my clients!



My technical training


I started my career in accounting and finance earning both an MBA and a CPA designation.  After discovering the life-changing impact of diet and lifestyle on my health, I went back to school, earned my CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner) and I continually update my education ensuring that I have the most up to date information. I am passionate about and have additional certifications in clinical detoxification and interpreting genetic testing for better health outcomes. I offer both group programs as well as individually customized protocols. With this customized approach, my clients get the system that works for them.



Healthy eating made simple.



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