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Hi! I’m Bonnie Flemington. While I didn’t start my working career as a nutritionist, I spent many years of my youth somewhat obsessed with food and its impact on the body. I used to spend time ordering Time-Life cookbooks and trying out new recipes. However, I never made the connection that this was something that was feeding my soul as well as my body. Instead, I came out of school with an MBA and CPA designation and started my working career in accounting and finance, following along in the family tradition.


My Healing Journey


How I re-discovered my love of the nutrition, health and wellness field isn’t unique. In fact, it’s a story I hear a lot. Working in a career that wasn’t fulfilling me, I developed health issues. And with unsuccessful attempts to remedy my symptoms through conventional medicine, I finally looked at natural alternatives. I was told that my premature joint pain from osteoarthritis had “no explanation”, would “require surgery” and there was “nothing I could do”.


These comments started me on a healing journey, as I tried to figure out what I actually could do. What I discovered was the strong connection that food, lifestyle, and mindset have on our physiological symptoms. In particular, I focused on paying close attention to the messages my body was sending. As a result, I went from limping on family walks to actively participating in all my favourite activities … pain-free.


My Training


With a desire to learn more and share that information with others, I earned my certifications as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Culinary Nutrition Expert. And I continually update my education through attending webinars, courses, and workshops. This ensures that I have the most up to date information. I now offer both group programs as well as individually customized protocols involving nutritional, lifestyle and nutraceutical interventions. This helps my clients minimize their symptoms and achieve optimal health.


Healthy eating made simple.


My Approach


What I love most about what I do is educating my clients on how and why certain changes will help their symptoms. This helps them to be empowered and in control of their own healing journey and results in a higher rate of success. I work with a 3 phase system:

  1. Discovery phase – We complete an intake and assessment to determine the root causes of your symptoms so that we can create a plan to move forward.
  2. Active phase – We address your symptoms with steps that you learn and take action on, and we monitor progress towards your goal so that we can measure your transformation.
  3. Maintenance phase – We support your growth so that your new habits are sustained.


I have seen clients whose IBS symptoms have come under control, chronic inflammation has gone away and those whose blood pressure has improved to such a degree that they have been taken off their medications. My client’s achievements are my greatest motivator!


When I am not working, I love the fun, family adventures I have daily with my husband and 3 children. My physical exercise includes activities such as fitness, yoga, Pilates and hiking outdoors. I also enjoy traveling and exploring different parts of the world as it brings new energy and ideas into my daily work. Finally, I have an obsession with reading as many health and wellness books as possible! To learn more about me, follow or connect with me on social media using the buttons to the right.


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