THE 4 WEEK CORPORATE WELLNESS comprehensive program is designed to engage all employees and provide the inspiration, knowledge, and support for them to take action on implementing the healthy habits that they can achieve. Bonnie provides engaging and easy to understand presentations at your office and follows these sessions up with the cheatsheets, checklists, meal plans and recipes to make the program do-able to everyone, no matter what their health goals or starting point. Ongoing online support throughout the 4 weeks provides the employees with the help they need when they need it. The program focuses on sustainable habit changes that continue to provide the wellbeing return on investment long after the program is complete.





LUNCH AND LEARN sessions provide simple, effective ways for offices to improve the overall health of their employees. Healthy employees have more energy, reduced stress, are more productive and take fewer sick days. Programs are offered in interactive formats that your employees will find engaging and fun. Through lunch and learns, your employees will be provided with the tools and motivation to take positive action. Please contact Bonnie to discuss how the lunch and learn format can make the office a healthier and happier place to be.


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Bonnie is a dynamic and passionate public speaker and educator about nutrition. Please contact Bonnie to discuss your group and interests. Some topics of interest often include:

  • Eating for Sustained Energy
  • Nutrition and Mental Health
  • How to Decipher Food Labels
  • The Truth About Fat
  • Immune Boosting Tips for Cold and Flu Season
  • The Real Facts About Sugar



“We had the pleasure of welcoming Bonnie Flemington to our office to provide a Health & Wellness presentation to our employees. The important factors Bonnie addressed regarding diet, lifestyle, and the environment were very informative and the presentation was well received and appreciated by everyone that attended.  Bonnie offered simple recommendations to implement change and inspired everyone to consider making positive health changes to take action to improve their overall wellbeing.  Bonnie is an effective and passionate communicator who inspires and lives what she shares. We appreciated Bonnie’s insight and knowledge, and will definitely have her come in again to present on other topics.”

Rebekah Dalziel, Avison Young Commercial Real Estate


“Bonnie provided a fantastic workshop on some of the most modern and relevant nutritional topics. With ease, she packed lots of quality information into her speaking session that both resonated and inspired students to consider the impact of food choices on their daily routine. Bonnie’s understanding of nutritional concepts combined with her life experience provides a comfortable platform in which she speaks from. Bonnie’s passion for better health is contagious and leaves you feeling inspired to act.”

Rebecca MacDonald, Appleby College


“We recently invited Bonnie to speak on health and wellness topics at our annual client wine tour event. With her extensive knowledge and real-life experiences, Bonnie had us interested right from the start. Great stories and valuable insights into the misconceptions many of us have about food/common chemicals and our health were entertaining and so interesting. Bonnie left us with simple suggestions that could improve our health-every day changes we can all make right now. I learned from this event that our nutrition and wellness can consistently be improved and Bonnie has the knowledge and personality to motivate and support healthy choices that will have a meaningful effect on our quality of life.”

Jeff Wachman, Assante Wealth Management


To book a free discovery call to discuss your speaking needs, please click the link to contact Bonnie.